Thursday, April 7, 2011

Open Pre-Order

We are taking another batch of orders for

Next order will be placed on 12th June 2011.

ORDERS DEADLINE : 11th June 2011, 6 pm

Please place your order now if you want yours to be in this batch.

Note : This order will arrive somewhere within 1st - 3rd week July 2011.
Please visit these sites and send us your orders.

ARDYSS (body magic) -
for the price you can email @ YM me at before closing date.
Term of Payment : Deposit 50% and 50% before Delivery 
3x installment allowed before pos your hand
The price include tax,shipping from US and your hand
Sebelum membuat pembayaran, sila pastikan maklumat pesanan adalah BETUL dan TEPAT terutama berkenaan :
                                                  1. Nama
                                                  2. Alamat untuk pos
                                                  3. Kategori Produk & Brand
                                                  4. Size & Warna
                                                  5. Kuantiti order 
                                                  6. Jumlah yang perlu dibayar

afonlineshop price for Ardyss Product
afonlineshop price for SPANX Product